Chequers Payroll Services

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 Chequers provides a full and comprehensive service, giving a commercially sensible alternative to running 'in-house' payroll. Outsourcing enables you to streamline and simplify procedures for paying your staff. As we are kept fully up to date with legislations and payroll requirements, you can eliminate the need for in-house staff training and qualified staff requirements. Chequers has membership of the Sage Accountants Club, this ensures we have the very latest software at all times, ensuring we are updated with legislations and statutory requirements.  Our service is professional, punctual and accurate.


Whether you run payroll weekly or monthly or other, we can be very confident of saving your business substantially by using 'Chequers' as your payroll clerk!

 Here's how the costs pan-out....

No. of Employees​Monthly Payroll​Fortnightly PayrollWeekly Payroll
1 to 5​£17.00​£14.50​£12.50​
6 to 10​​£24.00​£22.50​£21.00
​11 to 50​plus £1.80 per person​plus £1.50 per person​plus £1.45 per person
​51 + ​plus £1.50 per person​plus £1.45 per person​plus £1.35 per person


Example:   15 employees paid weekly   =    £21.00 + £7.25  =  £28.25 Total Payroll Cost 

Chequers do not charge any set-up fees; we only ask for a minimum contract of six months so that our costs are covered. We supply all forms and data to be completed for staff and company particulars. All information held on your behalf is strictly confidential and is held on a safe storage 'password' protected. Information can only be discussed with company nominated and verified persons. )


Chequers Payroll runs include:    

All Payslips - individually sealed for employees  |  All Reports as Required  |  PAYE Advice reports  |  Full Net Pay Listings  |  Year End Reports  |  Year End P60  |  RTI Submission Confirmation |


 Please ask if you have any other questions regarding this service!