Personal Services

Personal Services

Chequers Services is more than happy to provide services,

including free help and advice to individuals !             

      So, how can we help?


  • Personal Tax Return (Self-Assessment)  -  Chequers can submit on-line directly to HMRC and take all of the worry of completing a return away from you. This service starts at £65 .


  • Personal expenditure and Home expenditure planning. We can assist you with making home budgetting and improvements in outgoings.  Taking a few simple steps can make massive improvements to your disposable cash. We can help evaluate your outgoings and then help set targets for those steps toward a less stressful financial position.


  • Rental Income / Property Income / Stocks / Shares / Etc...  Chequers provide services to those who have slightly more complex tax returns and who may require a basic package of financial statements for other income sources from employment or business or self-employment. We can provide a simple statement of income to accompany your tax return, which we can complete on your behalf.


  • Mortgage Applications. Chequers can help provide the necessary financial documents to support your mortgage application.


  • Thinking about starting a business ? You may just require a discussion (free-of-charge); that helps you to take your ideas forward! Whether you are considering starting a company , becoming a sole trader, starting a B+B, or a public house licence, we can help right at the beginning by being your 'sounding board'. We years of experience. we can help you to avoid various 'pitfalls' and we can help to steer you on the right path. Going into this type of area can be very daunting, but with some help, steps become clearer and less stressful. Chequers can assist with registering with HMRC and PAYE or VAT etc.. We can also set you up with Companies House if you're looking to start a Limited Company.